Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge

At the core of Co-gnize Technology lies extensive analysis of effluent streams entering into ETP, Segregation of streams between potentially recyclable streams and highly polluted stream. The main emphasis of Co-gnize is to reduce waste generation at the source itself by carefully evaluating the process, study of water balance, review of existing ETP facilities, Segregation of effluent streams based on high/low TDS, analysis of the characteristics like BOD/COD, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, TDS and pH.

Co-gnize Technology adopts different methodologies for primary, secondary and tertiary effluent treatment followed by polishing and using water back into process.

Co-gnize Technology, working on the principle of osmosis, has developed robust and innovative filtration methodology for treatment of suspended solids and dissolved matter present in effluent through membrane separation. Designs based on Co-gnize ensure optimal pressure to overcome osmotic pressure forcing impure water through a membrane leaving the impurities behind.

Co-gnize Technology has introduced modern techniques to analyse the characteristics of microorganisms, algae, inorganic and colloidal particles, carbonates, silica, sulfates, chlorides and salts and based on the same, provides customized solutions for their pre-treatment, pressurization, membrane separation and stabilization.

Accumulation of suspended particles at the surface of the membrane is a perennial issue faced by the process industry thereby causing blockage of passage of feed water and increase in pressure drop in the system. This build-up of suspended solids leads to formation of scales on the membrane surfaces, adversely affecting RO performance. Extensive research at Covalent has led Co-gnize Technology introducing novel ways of pre-treatment of feed water through clarification, softening and filtration.


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