Co-gnize Technology is adaptable to all different methods of batch, fed-batch, and continuous cultivation of microorganisms. In Batch operation, Co-gnize focusses on minimizing non-productive steps involved in medium formulation, filling bio reactor, sterilization, inoculation, cultivation and CIP to achieve high rate of product synthesis, optimize productivity and maximize the yield. Co-gnize analyses the kinetics of the strain or microorganisms to be employed for its ability to use cost effective substrates, tolerate high alcohol concentration, demonstrate high alcohol productivity along with having optimal range of temperature and pH, thereby substantially reducing process chemicals and enzymes, cost of operation and yet guaranteeing good conversion of sugar to ethanol.

Co-gnize Technology, for Fed-Batch mode of fermentation, provides best feeding profile for the elimination of substrate inhibition and/or catabolite repression for the production of growth or non-growth metabolites at a reasonably faster rate and to improve productivity. It has developed appropriate methods to prevent enzyme biosynthesis caused due to decrease in the intracellular cyclic AMP concentration. Further Co-gnize determines appropriate nutrient feeding control and control of several critical factors such as pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen at a specific level through the feedback activities.

Co-gnize Technology for Continuous mode of fermentation, the growth medium is designed in such a way that microbial growth is restricted by substrate and not by toxin buildup. This allows an exponential growth of the organism by addition of new fresh medium. The rate of addition of fresh growth medium determines the rate of growth because the fresh medium always contains a limiting amount of an essential nutrient. As a result, cells continuously receive fresh medium and products and waste products and cells are continuously removed for processing. The reactor can thus be operated for long periods of time without having to be shut down.

Covalent Co-gnize Technology aims at serving the industry with following benefits

  • High gravity fermentation achieving higher alcohol in fermented wash and substantial reduction in spent wash / vinasse generation
  • High ethanol yield avoiding byproduct formation
  • Low process water consumption and higher recycle of spent wash / vinasse
  • Higher fermentation efficiency to maximise conversion of available sugar to ethanol
  • Contemporary Instrumentation & Controls for ease of operation in complex system
  • Minimum human intervention through remote monitoring and control system
  • Fermentation system working contamination free environment in conformity with international standards

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