Molecular Sieve Dehydration (Fuel Ethanol)

Co-gnize Technology for molecular sieve dehydration works on the principle of pressure swing adsorption phenomenon in a very innovative way with efficient electrostatic interactions and polarity between adsorbent and ethanol-water mixture to produce anhydrous ethanol.

At the core of Co-gnize Technology, we offer ideal configuration of Multi-Pressure Distillation System for separation of ethanol from fermented wash with perfect application of heat integration system and newly designed trays for significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance. Co-gnize Multi-Pressure Distillation System is followed by Molecular Sieve Dehydration system (MSDH) seamlessly alternates between adsorption and regeneration phase.

The innovation made under "Co-gnize Technology" in Multi-Pressure Distillation and MSDH contribute to considerable saving in energy and capital cost, reducing the complexity of equipment in MSDH and completely eliminating contamination of ethanol and other substances, thereby ensuring higher anhydrous alcohol recovery from the process.

Covalent Co-gnize Technology aims at serving the industry with following benefits

  • Guaranteed high quality biofuel meeting stringent standards by petroleum companies
  • Absolute anhydrous ethanol for blending with gasoline and also for pharmaceutical applications
  • Optimal utilisation of energy in the process
  • Flexible, pre-assembled and skid-mounted systems
  • Contemporary Instrumentation & Controls for ease of operation in complex system
  • Minimum human intervention through remote monitoring and control system
  • Distillation system operating in environment in conformity with international standards

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