Modern BioDiesel Refineries

" With patented technology of packed column distillation for biodiesel refining, we are offering crystal clear biodiesel for commercial use "

The ultimate goal is to contribute to building a stronger, more self-sufficient community by way of a community-based biodiesel production model. A community-based biodiesel distribution program benefits local economies, from the farmers growing the feedstock to local businesses producing and distributing the fuel to the end consumer. The money stays in the community while reducing impact on the local environment and increasing energy security.

One of the great advantages of biodiesel is that it can be used in existing engines, vehicles and infrastructure with practically no changes. Biodiesel can be pumped, stored and burned just like petroleum diesel fuel, and can be used pure, or in blends with petroleum diesel fuel in any proportion. Power and fuel economy using biodiesel is practically identical to petroleum diesel fuel, and year round operation can be achieved by blending with diesel fuel.

At Covalent, we are capable of offering combination of different technologies accordingly to customer needs

  • Filtration
  • Conventional Systems
  • Degumming and Bleaching Syetems
  • Conventional Cavitation and Ultrasonic
  • Enzyme - Mobilised and immobilised
  • Drying
  • DCS automation, Process Control Solutions

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