" First The Supreme Creation We Believe and Second The Technology "

With our proprietary Co-gnize Technology, we offer maximum efficiency in production of high purity Biofuels with lowest energy input, highest yield, total recycle and practical zero liquid effluent discharge. Co-gnize ensures setting up of efficient, minimum input energy and zero pollution plants with sophisticated automated systems. Further, Co-gnize Technology is flexible enough to accommodate specific quality requirements, schedule and cost.

With its main focus on protection of environment through substantial reduction in waste, Co-gnize Technology has been constantly analyzing its processes and bringing continuous improvements by way of optimal usage of water and other energy resources. The plant designs, based on such improved processes, guarantee seamless plant operation and safety.

Feedstock Preparation

Co-gnize, depending upon the source of the feedstock - Sugar, Starch or Cellulose, has adopted different robust technologies for biofuel production, each providing effective solutions to the challenges posed by various feedstocks. Here, Co-gnize has established a systematic and innovative process to analyze the behavioral pattern of feedstock under different conditions, accurate ascertainment of temperature, pressure and pH profiles, performance of molecules, cells and enzymes and stress conditions faced by the microorganisms.

Co-gnize Technology ensures

  • Proper selection of yeast strains adapted to stressing conditions in fermentation
  • Enzymatic Hydrolysis for starch based feedstocks
  • Biochemical or Thermochemical conversion for Lignocellulosic products in view of specific effect on the cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin fraction
  • Zero bacterial and yeast contamination in fermentation process
  • Reduction of effluents
  • Perfect design of fermentation system for achieving higher yields

Covalent Co-gnize Technology aims at serving the industry with following benefits

  • Complete Feedstock Preparation solutions covering concept to commissioning.
  • High recovery and minimum creation of waste.
  • Substantial reduction in operating and energy cost.
  • Contemporary Instrumentation & Controls for ease of operation in complex system.
  • Minimum human intervention through remote monitoring and control system.
  • Seamless coordination between Covalent and its vendors with Customers

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